I started with Jayne and Jess in February with an ongoing hip injury. I was due to run the Milan marathon in April and time for training was running short, I could not run at all as my hip was painful. Jayne was amazing and sorted my injury in about 2 weeks! I did all the physio exercises she gave me and I started running again a week after seeing her. I knew my technique was wrong so enrolled in the 6 weeks running school program and Jess was amazing! She worked out what my problem was and we worked on it. She gave me strengthening exercises and running techniques ones and I improved really quickly. At the end of February I was able to run the Tunbridge Wells Half marathon already and I also run Hastings half Marathon in March, I took those easy but then the Milan marathon came, Milan had a heatwave and there were 32 degrees at some point during the race and I still managed to run the marathon in less than 4 hours! I was so pleased, especially as I thought that I was going to have to defer it for my injuries but thanks to Jayne and Jess I ran it and I ran it well! - Grazia Monzotti

Thank you so much to you and your team for the session today. The girls and staff absolutely loved the session and clearly learned loads!!!!  - Rich de Wet, Exercise & Fitness Trainer, Benenden School Kent

I had no idea this type of help was out there. I am so pleased I know now. It has totally changed my running style, and the exercises given have helped me strengthen up too. My running is now smoother and faster and no aches and pains afterwards anymore. Thank you. - Elaine Fox

Thank you so much to everyone at the running school. From the start of my injury through to the end of my sessions the service was excellent, I was always able to book an appointment when I needed one and my questions were always answered. My running style has improved drastically and I feel so much smoother when I run, as well as getting full benefit from my arms! (Although my left one still needs to be reminded not to slack!) Any niggles I felt through the process were thoroughly looked at and I now have a wealth of exercises to increase my stability and strength. Thank you! - Siobhan Curtis

I was recommended your services after suffering with ongoing Achilles problems for the last 3 years. The combination of strengthening exercises I was given and the excellent coaching to change my running style cured my long standing injury. Many thanksAnthony Waldron

I have been recommending The Running School to all my friends! This is the first time I have been able to run without injury for around 20 years. Jess was brilliant at analysing the problem with my technique and correcting it. She was also very encouraging when the going got tough! I now feel fit and can run without pain! - Sian McFadyen

Jess was great with my son, very nice manner with him and easy to approach and ask questions - Sasha Houghton

Fantastic service would recommend to all who struggle with their running technique. Particularly appreciate the before and after videos.Megan Brickel

Jess was absolutely brilliant. I always felt inspired after every session. The strength exercises were excellent in allowing me to build up from recent injury.Colleen Williams

Jess has been fantastic with the encouragement and support to my son. Really appreciate what she has done with improving his technique for life. Sam Korvin

Thank you for the work you and your team have done over the last two years. We have been delighted with the [DMS] classes over the last two years and feel our pupils have benefited significantly. We have found all the Running School staff highly professional and very good at what they do. – Gareth Withers, Head of Boys Games,  Hilden Grange School