Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) is a leading training methodology that helps to refine and improve gross motor skills. It's benefits include development of movement, balance and coordination in children and adults; and improvement in speed, agility, explosive power and turning ability in athletes. 

The DMS Methodology has been developed over the past 20 years by renowned speed and movement specialist Mike Antoniades and forms a significant part of The Running School's performance programme for Multidirectional athletes. The development of DMS in its current form now allows schools, sports clubs and individuals to access and use this fantastic methodology.

We teach this methodology individually and in class based settings to improve movement and co-ordination. It applies equally to those children who are struggling to get involved in mainstream sport up to those who want to get to a very high level of sporting functionality. 

Demos on the system and how it could integrate into your club or school are available,  just contact us for details.