Running with the Garmin Edge

Being a keen triathlete and having recently become the owner of a Garmin Edge 510 thanks to my good friends at 7oakstri, I was trying to work out how I could use the GPS sourcery to keep track of my run training. 

Garmin do not make a wriststrap for the Garmin Edge - these being cycle specific pieces of kit. If you wish to keep track of your non bike related activities you need to either buy another GPS device or opt for a multisports device such as the Frontrunner, which in my view has less functionality.

However with a little bit of experimentation and a couple of my daughter's hairbands I came up with the arrangement shown in the photos. The hairbands are applied in the same way as the bands supplied for cycle stem mounting (which are too short to go round a wrist) and they make a sturdier tie than elastic bands. Remember you must also position the rubber disk supplied under the mount to stop the unit slipping around your wrist.

The overall look once the unit is attached does somewhat resemble devices worn in early sci-fi movies but it is effective even when using the more dynamic arm action taught at The Running School. Finally add "Run" as one of your activity profiles and change the training page to give you data suited to running (I use average speed, HR, distance and time) and voila you have a wrist mounted running GPS for no extra. Just dont get caught stealing those hairbands.

Now just how do I do I get it working in the water.....


Posted on November 24, 2014 .